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Ferry flight cost / rates

Confused about pricing? Here at The Ferry Pilot we like to make it as transparent as possible!


The cost of the ferry flight depends on many variables. First and foremost it depends on the capability of the aircraft. If the aircraft has GPS, the route can be flown quicker than an aircraft confined to VORs.

Length of the trip is also a factor. A trip from the East coast to the West coast in a Cessna 172 will take longer than the same trip done in a Cirrus, however, a Cirrus SR22 burns more fuel than a 172 etc.

 I have compiled an example of a ferry flight from South Carolina to California so that you can get a feel for how much your flight might cost*.

Please keep in mind that in order to combat fatigue, the ferry pilots will try to keep the legs 4 hours long at most and allow 8-10 hours of flight per day. The ferry pilots also schedule a rest period of 30-40 minutes between legs. This ensures that the pilots are rested and sharp while they transport your airplane. 

domestic ferry flight cost estimate