Trustworthy Ferry Flight Services.

About Us

We have accumulated thousands of hours planning and executing ferry flights and have an almost 100% customer satisfaction rate – check out our ferrying reviews!


Operating out of Europe and the US, we are specialists in ferry flying and have transported aircraft worldwide from South America to the North Pole, Alaska to Australia. We have delivered hundreds of aircraft with our ferry services (and sometimes by container) and through our VintageAirRally and Air Trophy events!

Aircraft We Ferry

We have vast experience in delivering a large variety of aircraft ranging from homebuilt and experimental, light single and multi engine aircraft (including turboprop), rotary all the way up to the Bombardier Q400 – and all for the right price! Get in touch today for more information.

What we do

As a part of Prepare2Go, we are a specialist logistics company focusing on the safe delivery of your aircraft. Knowing that times are tough, our fees are designed to keep your costs low while keeping your standards high. We also guarantee that we will keep the expenses to a minimum by choosing the quickest, safest route and refuelling at the FBO’s with the most competitive rates. Everything we do is kept open and honest making it as simple and easy for you, our customer

Customers reviews

I had an amazingly positive experience with Sam and the entire team at TheFerryPilot and Prepare2go! Sam arranged all of the logistics and I flew with him on a 2017 transatlantic flight (from North America to Europe) in a Saratoga. I also had the opportunity to tour his impressive facilities in Belgium. Sam is extremely professional, knowledgable, and safe, and he has extensive experience with complex aircraft logistics, long range flight planning, and international aviation regulations. I would trust my airplane and my life to Sam and his team, and I *highly recommend* his entire organization.
When the first ferry pilot I hired to accompany me on the flight from Italy to Florida BAILED one me just a couple of days before the planned departure. leaving me scrambling, Ben jumped in. Ben quickly got things going and was quick to respond to all emails, making the coordination go smoothly. The flights all went as planned except for a weather delay (not something unexpected on this type of flight) which Ben handled without a fuss. In short, Ben did what he said he was going to do- not always a given in today's world. Great job, Ben.