About Us

Why use the ferry pilot?

Choosing a Ferry Pilot is a delicate matter. There are many inexperienced pilots out there looking to find a quick way to get free flight time. They like to call themselves “Ferry Pilots”, but in reality they are more interested in padding their log books and do not fully understand all of the considerations that go in to a successful ferry. Other Ferry Websites give you a low ball estimate just to hook you and then at the end present you with a much larger bill than anticipated. 

The difference with us is felt from the very first time you contact us. Safety is our top priority and customer service is a close second! All the work we do is completely transparent which means you can place your trust in us deliver your aircraft both safely, and at the most competitive cost. We have a lot of experience in long distance ferry operations and use our skills for both ferry operations, as well as global events such as Air Rally and Air Trophy.


Our pilots are specifically trained for the role with thousands of hours in planning and executing safe and efficient flights. We have an extensive background between us including military and commercial flying in both fixed wing and rotary types, so you can rest assured knowing that your aircraft is in safe hands. We are very proud of our work and due to our astounding work have a clean history with a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

 Send us an email today using the contact form for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!