Aircraft Delivered By The Ferry
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Need a plane Moved?

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Beechcraft Bonanza
California to New Hampshire
Bombardier Dash-8
Canada to South Africa

 Cessna T207A
USA to Israel
Piper Cherokee Six
Minnesota to California

Cirrus SR20 
USA to Spain
Cessna 182RG
Maryland to New Jersey
Cessna 172SP (G-1000)
Independence, KS to Norwood, MA
Partinavia P68C
England to the USA
Cirrus SR-20
Round trip MX flight from MD to GA and back
Cessna Turbo 210N
Deland, FL to Guatemala

Cessna 152 
Michigan to California
Piper Cherokee Six
Florida to Texas

Beechcraft 33 Debonair
USA to Panama
Cessna 172 
California to The Bahamas
Pilatus PC-12
South Africa to The USA
Cessna 172S
USA to Germany
Beechcraft Sundowner
Georgia to Texas
Piper Cherokee Six
Massachusettes to California
New York to Canada
Cessna 172
N. Carolina to California
Piper Cherokee
Arizona to Canada
Piper Cherokee
Arkansas to Alabama
Cessna 172
California to Bahamas
Grumman Tiger
California to Alabama
Grumman Yankee
Virginia to Canada
Cessna 172XP
N. Carolina to Paraguay
Cessna 182RG
North Carolina to New Jersey
Cessna 182T
Texas to Mexico
Piper Seneca
Iowa to Guatemala
Piper Seneca
Illinois to Guatemala
Cessna Cardinal RG
North Carolina to Florida
Piper Arrow
Maryland to Florida
Piper Seneca
California to Guatemala
Cessna 172XP
California to N. Carolina
Bellanca Cruisemaster
Wisconsin to Kentucky
Bellanca Viking
Maryland to Kansas
 Cessna 175
Florida to Canada
Cessna 182
Maryland to Montana
Zenith CH2000
New York to Virginia
Cessna 172
Local Maintenance Flight
Cessna 172
West Virginia to maryland
Glasair II
Germany to Canada
Cirrus SR20
California to Virginia
Cessna 182
Idaho to Maryland
Piper Cherokee
Rhode Island to Maryland
Cessna 172
Maryland to New York

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