International Ferry Flight from Germany to Canada

Date: 07/04/2010

Aircraft: Glasair II

Aircraft Registration: N80DS

Total Flight Time: 23.8

Total Distance Flown: 3,584 NM

Transport Time line:

Day 1 - Departed overnight commercially from Dulles, VA to Berlin, Germany. 

Day 2 - Inspection of the aircraft and repaired small mechanical issues before embarking across the Atlantic.

Day 3 - Departed ETNU, Germany at 11AM to Wick, Scotland to refuel. Departed Wick, Scotland to Rekyavick, Iceland.

Day 4 - Departed Rekyavick, Iceland to Narsasuaq, Greenland. Stayed overnight in Narsasuaq due to inclement weather between Greenland and Canada.

Day 5 - Departed Narsasuaq, Greenland at 9AM to Goose Bay, Canada. Continued from Goose Bay to Sept Isles Canada. Stayed overnight in Sept Isles due to a storm front between there and the destination.

Day 6- Departed Sept Isles at 8:30AM to Burlington, Ontario. Arrived at 1PM to Burlington and delivered the aircraft.
Returned commercially to Reagan Airport.

The Aircraft:

Route of Flight:

The aircraft delivered to its Happy Owner:

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