Domestic Ferry Flight from Idaho to Maryland

Date: 03/14/2010

Aircraft: Cessna 182

Aircraft Registration: N7922C

Total Flight Time: 25.3

Total Distance Flown: 2,732 NM

From the Customer:

"Let’s face it, any experienced pilot can fly on calm sunny days, but you need the best pilot available when you’re venturing over the Rockies in the winter. When I needed a ferry pilot to transport my new Cessna 182 from Idaho to Maryland the choice was simple.

I contracted with Ben Zwebner because of his experience and extensive knowledge in charting a safe course and executing it to perfection over a tricky and potentially dangerous route. Our final course ended up varying greatly from the originally planned course due to adverse weather. I was completely satisfied with the experience thanks to Ben. I had many “firsts” on this flight including flying with oxygen for hours at a time, at heights I had never seen in a private plane and in conditions I had never experienced before. Ben is the best! If you need a ferry pilot, your search is over. Ben Zwebner should be your top choice."

Stephen Dring

The Aircraft:

Route of Flight:

The aircraft delivered to its Happy Owner:

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