Partinavia P68C:

From: London, England

To: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Date: May, 2013

Registration: N684KW

From the Client:
"When the first ferry pilot I hired to accompany me on the flight from Italy to Florida BAILED on me just a couple of days before the planned departure. Leaving me scrambling, Ben jumped in. Ben quickly got things going and was quick to respond to all emails, making the coordination go smoothly. The flights all went as planned except for a weather delay (not something unexpected on this type of flight) which Ben handled without a fuss. In short, Ben did what he said he was going to do- not always a given in today's world. Great job, Ben."

 - Robert Valle

More pics from this Trans Atlantic ferry flight can be viewed HERE

The view while flying from Kulusuk to Narsasuaq in Greenland. Just stunning.

The Aircraft at pick up on the ramp at Biggin Hill Airport in London, England.

The routing of the flight

Another happy customer!

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