International Ferry Flight from New York to Canada

Date: April, 2012

Aircraft: RV7-A

Aircraft Registration: N580MS

Pictures from the flight:

Customer Feedback: 

"Pilot Ben Zwebner was meticulous in his flight planning under pressure to deliver my RV7A with the threat of very adverse weather conditions... I was concerned for Ben’s safety and the potential for a bent and wounded RV. The go-no-go decision was based on Ben’s prudent assessment of the weather and an early start... When Ben finally arrived (to St. Catherines for customs clearance), customs agents acted as living tie downs to hold the airplane in the gusty winds while the usual clearance inspections were carried out...  I climbed on board buckled up... Ben managed the departure with considerable professional skill and a deft hand on stick and rudder and suddenly we were airborne and on our way on the 13 nm hop to my home base Grimsby, Ontario. I took the controls and found the airplane light and responsive but remarkably stable given the conditions. I am glad I came along for the ride in conditions that I would normally not venture in to. With Ben in the left seat, it was a great confidence builder. The landing at Grimsby’s 2800ft runway was challenging. Ben handled this with great skill and professionalism and talked me through his approach.

 I would happily recommend Ben Zwebner to anyone in need of a ferry pilot to move their precious flying machine"

Richard Abbott

The Aircraft at Pick Up in New York:

Route of Flight:

The aircraft delivered to a Happy Customer! :

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