International Turbo-Prop Ferry Flight
South Africa to the USA

Date: July, 2012

Aircraft: Pilatus PC-12

Aircraft Registration: N471SS

The Route of Flight:

Words from the Client:

"Hi Ben,
I just want to take a moment of your time to thank you for the most amazing experience, and excellent service that you provided to me and my company, by ferrying our Pilatus from Cape Town South Africa - to the US . You're knowledge and professionalism made the trip an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend you're company to anyone that needs ferry services. I look forward to do another trip with you in the near future.


Mike David
Boutique Air"

On Final to Narsasuaq, Greenland.


The Aircraft at Pick Up in South Africa

Climbing out of Cape Town

 Enroute from Scotland to Greenland

Landed in Canada

The aircraft delivered in New Jersey :

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