Domestic Ferry Flight from New York to Maryland

Date: 10/08/2010

Aircraft: Zenith CH-2000

Aircraft Registration: N200ZA

Total Flight Time: 2.9

Total Distance Flown: 236 NM

Transport Details:

Day 1 - Flew commercially from BWI to LGA to connect to Syracuse. Unfortunately, the aircraft connecting at LGA had a mechanical issue and the airline canceled the flight. They re-routed me through DCA. I took the flight to DCA and then my connection to Syracuse was delayed and eventually canceled as well due to another mechanical issue. I re-booked for a flight the next morning.

Day 2 - Flew commercially direct to Syracuse from DCA. Picked up the aircraft. During flight I discovered that the transponder was not working. This prevented me from getting to the destination airport which is within a 30NM "Mode C" ring and within the Washington DC Special Flight Rules Area where one needs a transponder to fly. After consulting with the client we decided to leave the aircraft in Carrol County airport (as close as we could get it) where the aircraft was repaired. Due to the close proximity of the aircraft to the final destination the client was able to pick up the aircraft himself.

Feedback from the owner:

"I contracted with Ben Zwebner to ferry my aircraft from upstate NY to Northern VA. What began as a simple ferry trip over a holiday weekend soon turned into an Odyssey as Ben was faced first, with flight delays and cancelations, then with a defective aircraft transponder that would not allow him to enter into the DC SFRA.

In the finest tradition, Ben adapted to the situation and found a solution. After contacting me, he landed the aircraft at an airport that was equipped with the necessary repairs facilities and within easy transport range to the aircraft’s final destination.

He then made all arrangements for the aircraft’s security and repair.

If you are looking for a pilot who will not only take good care of your aircraft, but will also be looking out for your best interest, I highly recommend that you consider contracting Ben Zwebner. You will find him experienced, competent and reasonable."

Thank You Ben!

- Dan Lawrence

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The Aircraft:

Route of Flight:

The aircraft awaiting maintenance:

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