Domestic Ferry Flight from Maryland to Kansas

When: December 2010

Aircraft: Bellanca Viking

Aircraft Registration: N14784

Total Flight Time: 10.0

Total Distance Flown: 976 NM

Words from the Owner:

"I made first contact with Ben on December 2nd and he had the plane to me on December 9th.  This includes picking up the airplane from the previous owner, sitting out some weather at his home airport, and an interesting flight for delivery.  If you're looking for a ferry pilot to work for you on your timeline, Ben is the pilot you're looking for.  Fees are more than reasonable, scheduling was awesome, and he kept in contact at every fuel stop, gave me a good listing of what worked and what didn't so there were no surprises when I flew it.  If I ever need a plane ferried again Ben will be my first and only call."
Garey Gjerstad
N14784 Bellanca Viking

The Aircraft at Pick Up:

Route of Flight:

The aircraft delivered to its happy owner:

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