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Piper Cherokee Six from Minnesota to California
"We hired The Ferry to transport our newly purchased PA/32 from Minnesota to California. This was our first airplane purchase, and we were definitely in need of someone who knew what they were doing. Luckily for us, we found The Ferry Not only did they deliver our plane in a time efficient manner, they made the process seamless and easy. The pilot answered all our questions (and there were a lot!) without even the slightest bit of annoyance and with the knowledge you would expect from such a seasoned pilot. Once landed, he spent extra time telling us about the little quirks of our new plane, and recommending some minor repairs he noticed on the trip. This information was invaluable to us as new owners, and we were 
grateful for his guidance. All in all, we are very happy with our choice to hire The Ferry for such an important task. They proved trustworthy, knowledgable, and affordable. We highly recommend their services."

Shelby Bundy
Pismo Beach, CA 
Cessna T207 from the USA to Israel
"Thanks for making the journey from KGAI to LLBG Israel so easy, educating and enjoyable. It was a fantastic experience to fly alongside a true professional pilot, I learned and got a lot from our journey together. Thanks again for everything!"

- Michael Dadon,
  AYA Aviation,LTD
Cirrus SR20 from the USA to Spain
" Ben could not have been a better Ferry Pilot. I can tell you from my experience on my trip with him from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Madrid, Spain, bringing my Cirrus SR20 safe home. He took really good care of the plane, being safety always first, he takes extremely good care of the economy of the trip, always looking for the cheapest alternative within the right safety limits. He is also an excellent pilot, that knows all limitations and how to treat a plane.

Thank you Ben for all your help and for bringing the plane and me back home!!

All the best my friend"

- Juan Carlos
Partinavia P68C from England to the USA
"When the first ferry pilot I hired to accompany me on the flight from Italy to Florida BAILED on me just a couple of days before the planned departure. Leaving me scrambling, Ben jumped in. Ben quickly got things going and was quick to respond to all emails, making the coordination go smoothly. The flights all went as planned except for a weather delay (not something unexpected on this type of flight) which Ben handled without a fuss. In short, Ben did what he said he was going to do- not always a given in today's world. Great job, Ben."

 - Robert Valle
Cessna 172 SP from Kansas to Massachusetts

"Ben did everything he said he would to deliver my plane safely to my home airport. I was able to track his progress through a web site he provided and he ran the engine at the settings I requested. He was prudent with bad weather that he encountered at kept me informed of his progress by phone and email. I am very satisfied that I chose The Ferry!

Jan Krouwer

Piper Cherokee Six from Florida to Texas
"Hi Ben, thank you for everything! Your service is great and at a good price. You provided excellent service during the time of the flight and it was great folowing the plane with the link that you sent us. I will recomend you to my friends. All the tips that you gave me were great.

You are a great pilot and I want to thank you for the excellent service that you gave us.
Francisco Gonzalez Valle"
Beechcraft Debonair from the USA to Panama
"Ben has been a great partner in the venture of buying my airplane.
Strict and professional in all his functions, fair in price and it was very pleasant to spend an 8 hour flight with him. In short, hire him!

Javier "
Pilatus PC-12 from South Africa to the USA

"Hi Ben,

I just want to take a moment of your time to thank you for the most amazing experience, and excellent service that you provided to me and my company, by ferrying our Pilatus from Cape Town South Africa - to the US . You're knowledge and professionalism made the trip an absolute pleasure. I would highly recommend you're company to anyone that needs ferry services. I look forward to do another trip with you in the near future.


Mike David
Boutique Air"
Beechcraft Sundowner from GA to TX
"I sent Ben a request for a quote late at night. By the time I woke up the next morning, Ben had sent a very detailed quote on exactly what to expect. Not only did he give a well researched quote, his prices were very affordable. I accepted Ben's offer. The flight was as planned. I found Ben to be honest, knowledgeable, and professional. His communications are excellent, prices fair, and service outstanding. What else could you ask for?"

- Billy Satterfield, N2242L
RV-7-A from NY to Ontario, Canada

"Pilot Ben Zwebner was meticulous in his flight planning under pressure to deliver my RV7A with the threat of very adverse weather conditions. While good visibility and
little cloud was forecast, the winds were anticipated be strong gusty and nasty (20 to 25 knots gusting to 35knots). I was concerned for Ben’s safety and the potential for a bent and wounded RV.

The go-no-go decision was based on Ben’s prudent assessment of the weather and an early start. I awaited Ben at the St. Catharines/Niagara Falls airport with a pair of anxious Canada Customs and Border Security agents.
I placated them by signing over my credit card for not insignificant sales taxes. 

When Ben finally arrived, said customs agents acted as living tie downs to hold the airplane in the gusty winds while the usual clearance inspections were carried out.

the two agents still holding the airplane I climbed on board buckled up. Ben managed the departure with considerable professional skill and a deft hand on stick and rudder and suddenly we were airborne and on our way on the 13 nm hop to my home base, Grimsby, Ontario.

 I took the controls and found the airplane light and responsive but remarkably stable given the conditions. I am glad I came along for the ride in conditions that I would normally not venture in to. With Ben in the left seat, it was a great confidence builder.

The landing at Grimsby’s 2800ft runway was challenging. The winds had picked up and approach speeds near 87 knots were showing ground speed of 55 knots! Ben handled this with great skill and professionalism and talked me through his approach.

We arrived at Grimsby with the same number of airplane parts that we started out with and all still fitted together.

 I would happily recommend Ben Zwebner to anyone in need of a ferry pilot to move their precious flying machine"

Richard Abbott
Grumman Tiger from CA to AL
"Hi Ben-
I Just wanted to say thanks for sending Capt. Defrance McLemore my way. He delivered the plane safe and sound and with minimal fuss.  The buyer commented to me that he flew with Defrance after delivery and thought Defrance was a great pilot and a great guy.  So everybody was happy.

I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.
Thanks again Ben."
Cessna 182RG from NC to NJ
"The Ferry was a pleasure to work with at every stage of the process.

 Ben was extremely competent and safety oriented.
Ben allowed me to accompany
him on the flight, which was enjoyable. Seeing a more experienced, competent, and safe pilot make a "real world" flight was a great learning experience.

Finally, Ben really treated every expense dollar spent on the flight as if it came from his own pocket. I can't recommend The Ferry highly enough."
Piper Cherokee from RI to MD
"I had just bought this old plane which was sitting for a long time. Ben was highly recommended by other flight instructors at Gaithersburg Airport. I had a very pleasant experience during the Ferry Flight of my piper from Rode Island to Carroll County. He is a very knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with pilot. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a good, honest pilot."

-Rahim Tofigh
  (301) 370-9151

Cessna 182 from ID to MD

"Let’s face it, any experienced pilot can fly on calm sunny days, but you need the best pilot available when you’re venturing over the Rockies in the winter. When I needed a ferry pilot to transport my new Cessna 182 from Idaho to Maryland the choice was simple.

I contracted with Ben Zwebner because of his experience and extensive knowledge in charting a safe course and executing it to perfection over a tricky and potentially dangerous route. Our final course ended up varying greatly from the originally planned course due to adverse weather. I was completely satisfied with the experience thanks to Ben. I had many “firsts” on this flight including flying with oxygen for hours at a time, at heights I had never seen in a private plane and in conditions I had never experienced before. Ben is the best! If you need a ferry pilot, your search is over. Ben Zwebner should be your top choice."

Stephen Dring

Zenith CH2000 from NY to MD

"I contracted with Ben Zwebner to ferry my aircraft from upstate NY to Northern VA. What began as a simple ferry trip over a holiday weekend soon turned into an Odyssey as Ben was faced first, with (airline) flight delays and cancelations, then with a defective aircraft transponder that would not allow him to enter into the DC SFRA.

In the finest tradition, Ben adapted to the situation and found a solution. After contacting me, he landed the aircraft at an airport that was equipped with the necessary repairs facilities and within easy transport range to the aircraft’s final destination.

He then made all arrangements for the aircraft’s security and repair.

If you are looking for a pilot who will not only take good care of your aircraft, but will also be looking out for your best interest, I highly recommend that you consider contracting Ben Zwebner. You will find him experienced, competent and reasonable."

Thank You Ben!

- Dan Lawrence

Cessna 175 from FL to North Bay, Canada
"This  letter is to confirm to all that we can’t say enough about the great job Ben did picking up our Cessna 175 N7012M  from Florida and returning it to North Bay Ontario Canada.

We are in the Soda Blast Aircraft Paint Removal business and offer our clients a one to two day turn around - Fly It In and Fly It Home ready to paint program!

We will not hesitate to strongly recommend to everyone.

Your service is great ! Your rates are fair !

E.M. Slessor / Prest.
Rossels Holdings Inc.
Soda Blast Restorations
P0 Box 261 South River
Ontario Canada P0A 1X0

Bellanca Viking from MD to KS

"I made first contact with Ben on December 2nd and he had the plane to me on December 9th.  This includes picking up the airplane from the previous owner, sitting out some weather at his home airport, and an interesting flight for delivery.  If you're looking for a ferry pilot to work for you on your timeline, Ben is the pilot you're looking for.  Fees are more than reasonable, scheduling was awesome, and he kept in contact at every fuel stop, gave me a good listing of what worked and what didn't so there were no surprises when I flew it.  If I ever need a plane ferried again Ben will be my first and only call. "

Garey Gjerstad
N14784 Bellanca Viking

Cessna 172 from NC to CA
"Ben, Capt. Towle just completed the trip last night. I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that he did a superb job. He kept me informed about the status of the ferry flight at all times and was very professional in every way. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you for your help."

Best Regards,

Rich Lee

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