Glasair / Lancair Pilot

If you are looking for a Ferry Pilot for your Glasair / Lancair look no further!

I have ferried 
Glasair / Lancair in the past and would be happy to quote you for your Glasair / Lancair Ferry!

Contract with The Ferry today and you will have a qualified Ferry Pilot for your 
Glasair / Lancair with over 2800 hours of experience ferrying aircraft all over the world.

The Ferry has experience delivering aircraft to and from the USA and the following locations:

- Canada
- Mexico
- Central America
- South America
- Europe
- Africa
- Middle East

The Ferry has experience with Trans Atlantic crossings so if you need your
 Glasair / Lancair delivered to Europe, Asia or Africa, The Ferry should be your one and only choice!

Yes, The Ferry will also ferry your 
Glasair / Lancair domestically within the USA.

To recieve a quote to Ferry your 
Glasair / Lancair please send the following details to us for a detailed estimate for your trip:

- Aircraft Registration

- Point of Departure (ICAO code)

- Point of Arrival (ICAO code)

- Avionics of the 
Glasair / Lancair
 (Six Pack, Full Glass, Avidyne / G1000)

- Any Modifications made to the aircraft that effect performance (modified tanks, engines etc...)

-Any Special Considerations

Please send the above information to:

You can expect an estimate within 48 Hours (allow up to 72 hours for flights to Canada and Europe and up to 7 days for flights to Africa, Asia and South America)



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