Need a plane delivered from / to Wyoming?

We are a team of  professional Ferry Pilots with extensive experience transporting aircraft from Wyoming all over the domestic United States and the world.

 When you contract with The Ferry you can rest easy knowing that you are hiring a professional who will care for your aircraft as if it were my own. I will treat your Ferry Flight as if I were paying out of my own pocket while never compromising the safety and security of your aircraft. My flight experience ranges from Small single engine pistons like the Cessna 172 all the way to larger transport category Turbo-Props like the Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400.

 I have extensive experience in domestic and international ferry operations. I have flown aircraft between North America, Europe and Africa. Over the North Atlantic, between the USA and Canada, Central and South America and yes, even just domestically within the United States.   

 Knowing that times are tough, my fees are designed to keep your costs low while keeping your standards high. I also guarantee that I will keep the expenses to a minimum by choosing the quickest, safest route and refueling at the FBO's with the most competitive rates.

Which aircraft do you ferry?

Single Engine Piston, Multi Engine Piston
Single Engine Turbo-Prop, Multi Engine Turbo-Prop
High Performance, Experimental, Light Sport
Glass Cockpit, Steam Gauges and
Technologically Advanced Aircraft

Why use "The Ferry"?

 Choosing a Ferry Pilot is a delicate matter. There are many inexperienced pilots out there looking to find a quick way to get free flight time. They like to call themselves "Ferry Pilots" but in reality they are more interested in padding their log books and do not fully understand all of the considerations that go in to a successful ferry.  Other Ferry Websites give you a low ball estimate just to hook you and then at the end you get presented a much larger bill than anticipated. 

 The Ferry difference is felt from the first time you contact me. Safety is my top priority and customer service is a close second!

 I have thousands of hours planning and executing safe and efficient aircraft Ferry Flights with a clean safety record. I have no accidents or incidents and all of my customers have a 100% satisfaction rate. So if you need a ferry pilot for your airplane, send me an e-mail, I look forward to hearing from you!


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Recently Completed Ferry Flights
Click on pictures to view Ferry flight details
Pilatus PC-12:
When: July, 2012
South Africa To: USA
Beechcraft Sundowner:
When: May, 2012
From: Georgia To: Texas
Piper Cherokee Six:
When: April, 2012
From: Massachusettes To: California
When: April, 2012
From: New York To: Canada
Cessna 172:
When: December, 2011
From: N. Carolina To: California
Piper Cherokee:
When: December, 2011
From: Arizona To: Canada
Piper Cherokee:
When: November, 2011
From: Arkansas To: Alabama
Cessna 172:
When: November, 2011
From: California To: Bahamas
Grumman Tiger:
When: September, 2011
From: California To: Alabama
Grumman Yankee:
When: July, 2011
From: Virginia To: Canada
Cessna 172XP:
When: June, 2011
From: N. Carolina To: Paraguay
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