International Ferry Flight Cost Example

The cost of a Trans-Atlantic ferry flight depends on a few very important variables. Mostly it depends on the ever changing fees and fuel costs at the airports along the way.

Length of the trip is also a factor. This depends greatly on the weather, winds and of course, the capabilities of the aircraft. A trip from Europe to the USA in a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee will take longer than the same trip done in a Cirrus or a twin engine airplane like the Diamond Twin-Star or Piper Seminole.
Furthermore, some higher performance single and multi engine aircraft wont require a ferry tank.

 There are many, many variables to consider when planning such a flight, but with The Ferry you don't have to worry about it because I will take care of all of these considerations for you!

Due to the complex nature and inherent danger involved with crossing the Atlantic / Pacific oceans, the daily rate for the pilot is greater than that for domestic ferry trips.

 I have compiled an example of a ferry flight from Kansas to Slovakia so that you can get a feel for how much your flight might cost*.

In flight between Greenland and Canada

Survival Suit

Ferry Flight Cost Example

From: Cessna Factory, Kansas, USA

To: Bratislava, Slovakia

Aircraft: Cessna 172R

Estimated Length of Ferry 7 days
(Inlcuding Ferry Tank Installtion and travel)

Total Estimated Costs:

Fuel Costs: $3,739
Misc. Airport Fees: $894
Airline Tickets: $1,135
Ferry Pilot Fee : $3,100
Hotel Fees: $680
Survival Gear: $293
Ferry Tank Installation: $1,950

Total cost of the trip: $11,791

* Costs WILL vary. The cost of your individual ferry flight will vary due to many factors such as weather, mechanical status of the aircraft and other unknowns. The example above is based on perfect weather and a mechanically sound aircraft.

On Final in Rekjavik, Iceland.

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